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Cabinet painting season in Indianapolis is well upon us!

Updated: Mar 22

Painting your kitchen cabinets can completely change the feel of your kitchen and will make you want to spend more time in your kitchen as well. Many feel that an expensive renovation is needed in order to get that feeling of new but unfortunately the average price for a kitchen remodel usually cost is on average close to $ 25,000.00, 9-10k being on the lower end of that average cost!

So…... does that mean that there is nothing you can do but wait and save up money to remodel your kitchen? Not at all!! Painting your kitchen cabinets can be the best way to bring that impactful change that you’ve been looking for without breaking your budget! On top of that, a kitchen renovation project can take weeks and finding a trustworthy contractor is not easy. On average, a cabinet painting project can take an average of 2-3 days on a standard set of cabinets (depending on the size of your cabinets and the type of material that you choose to use for your project), saving you money and less invasive compared to a kitchen remodel. The price comparison is very significant and to make it even better, it leaves you with some extra cash to spend on other things around your kitchen, can’t beat that!!!

Brushing vs Spraying, what’s the difference? What’s the best finish?

The biggest differences between brushing/rolling versus spraying is very subjective, there are many people that are indifferent because they haven’t been exposed to the differences between the two finishes. In our opinion, spraying is the best finish for cabinets because of the factory finish look that can be obtained with spraying that you will not get with brushing/rolling, no matter how hard you try!!

To someone that isn’t a cabinet painter or refinisher, a cabinet painting project that has been rolled and brushed can look great! But once you compare that type of finish to a set of cabinets that have been sprayed….. you will without a doubt change your mind!!

In a smooth surface, roller texture is notable very notable compared to a spray finish where heavy texture is not. There are rollers that guarantee fine finishes that are resemble spraying finishes and there are also paint chemicals like latex extensors and brushing techniques that help you lose those brush marks but this can be tough even for the most experienced painters in the industry. Established painting companies like Priority Painting Services have processes set in place in order to tackle all sorts of cabinet projects while providing magazine like finishes.

How tough is it to spray kitchen cabinets?

Spraying may look doable on your own but once you try to tackle spraying on your own, you have some things to think about like….. What sprayer is the most appropriate to spray your cabinets? Airless?, HVLP?, If airless what kind of tip size is best for cabinets? What is the correct pressure for the different products being applied on your cabinets? Do I have to thin out the paint? If so, how much? After you figure this out you have to set up booths to contain overspray, set up spraying locations in order to avoid overspray and overspray contamination to the already finished products and finding a way to filter overspray with exhaust blowers or fans.

This is why if hiring a contractor to spray your cabinets is not an option and you have decided to tackle your kitchen cabinets on your own and you have no or very little experience with the things above, we recommend that you brush/roll in order to avoid costly mistakes. We will be coming out with a tutorial in order to show you how to successfully brush and roll your cabinets in order to get the best finish possible!

What are the best products for cabinets? Latex? Enamel? Oil? Lacquer?

Painting companies like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG have stepped up their game making sure to come out with products to accommodate the demand for cabinet painting, so what’s the best product for your kitchen cabinets? To keep it simple…. In our experience…..….. it all depends on the make of your cabinets and your expectations.

What are you looking for in your cabinets? Some want a simple solution to their ugly varnished/stained cabinets and don’t care about the finish and their main concerns is simply cosmetic to give their kitchen a makeover for themselves or to get it ready to be put up on the market. Others are looking for not only the change that painted cabinets can bring to their kitchen but they also want a finish product that will perform for a long time. The following information can give you an idea of the different finishes typically used by painters to paint kitchen cabinets:

Lacquer/oil finishes: Typically, this has been the go-to product for cabinet painting because lacquer tends to penetrate deep into the wood and once it dries, it hardens well and creates a great protective top coat that will help your cabinets endure wear and tear. On the other hand, this product does not perform well when it comes to chemical protection. This means that this product breakdown sooner than its intended lifetime because as you can imagine, kitchens tend to have a variety of food and cleaning chemical around stoves, microwave and sinks.

The most important downside to lacquers is that this product is harmful for your health and the safety of your home if not ventilated properly. Inhalation of lacquers fumes can lead to long-term problems for your lungs and brain, and because lacquers are highly combustible, any electrical spark can lead to explosions.

Enamel finishes: Enamel offers a safer option compared to lacquers and oils when used in your home. Enamels also do a better job at preventing yellowing and has more resistance to chemicals compared to lacquers or oil finishes. Every year companies like Sherwin Williams accommodate products like Emerald Urethane Enamel finishes to provide more protection to stay competitive which is a win for consumers. Enamels also harden as well as lacquers but with technology improving every year, enamels are becoming as good if not better than lacquers as far as protection. Our go to product when using enamels from the big paint companies is Emerald Urethane Enamel by Sherwin Williams!

Water-Base Urethanes: Products like Renner wood coatings not only offer specialized wood coatings for your cabinets, but they also offer the highest protection compared to all other products in the market. These premium products offer protection from tear and wear, as well as protection from chemicals around your kitchen. These products are top quality standards that outperform lacquer and enamels but in order to use these products, some training is needed so we recommend that you hire someone that has had the appropriate training time to work with these products in order to get the best finishes possible!

Due to the potential dangers of lacquers and oils, the painting industry has been moving away from using these products and starting to use enamels or specialty wood coatings like the ones mentioned above. As a commitment to your safety, Priority Painting Services steers away from lacquer finishes and we only use enamel finishes and world-class wood coating finishes like Renner wood coatings that not only provide the best finishes with top industry performance but because these products are waterborne, meaning that the safety for you and your family is not compromised when using these products.

5 kg 643 Renner primer and 1 gallon 1321 Renner 30 finish
Renner Primer and Finish

Who is best qualified to paint professional kitchen cabinets?

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a very tedious project that requires experience, from knowing the right sanding grit before priming as well as in between coats, to the appropriate primer and finish, what products to use to clean your cabinets before painting, drying time, recoating time, etc…..(we can go on for a couple of hours). All the things above are necessary in order to have the best finish possible and more importantly…... a finish that will last!

If you feel that you can tackle your own kitchen cabinets, that’s great! We’ll be blogging about the proper steps in order to pull off a successful cabinet painting job. Stay tuned for that! But if you don't want to deal with painting your cabinets or you're throwning the flag because you’ve realized what you’ve gotten yourself into (we’ve seen this a lot this year : D ). Priority Painting Services has painters that have the experience to tackle the most complex kitchen cabinets and more importantly, we know how to use the products that go further than your standard products. Keep in mind that only a handful of companies have experience and train working with high quality wood coatings. Remember that you are not hiring a professional company just for the labor but rather our:



Custom Skills


Time to plan

Time for preparation




More importantly, we want you to feel confident that we will do everything in our power to give you the best finish possible!

What to look for from a painting company that are experts in painting kitchen cabinets?

If you are thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets, painting companies should be asking you what you envision for the finish product for you project. Not all projects are the same, so the more information we can get about the desired outcome for your project, the better we can cater and personalize your painting proposal for you. If you would like to know how we can help you bring your kitchen cabinets back to life please contact us to see if we are a good fit for your project. All we need is some pictures of your kitchen cabinets and a 15-20 minute conversation with you to see if we can make your vision a reality!

Don't let your cabinets look like this!!

Greasy Cabinet door example before cleaning
Greasy kitchen cabinets

Turn them into this!!!