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Everything you need to know about limewashing in Indianapolis

For the past two months we’ve been getting many requests for limewashing and a lot of people have questions regarding what exactly limewash is and how it differs from the standard latex paint that is used to paint brick, stone, and/or concrete. In this blog we’ll talk about what limewash is, how it differs from latex paint, the limewashing process and what products are available here in Indianapolis. This blog aims you to educate about limewashing and to help you decide whether limewashing is a good option for your project!

What is limewash & how does it work?

Limewash is a traditional finish that has been used for thousands of years in various places around the world. Before latex paints were around, limewashing was a finish applied to exterior buildings that were most often made out of masonry or brickwork. Although, most often thought of as a decorative finish, limewash offers a breathable coating that allows evaporation of moisture and water vapors but more importantly, it also protects the exteriors against the elements like regular latex paints.

Limewash is a lime-based finish that is created from crushed limestone which is heated and mixed with water in order to create a limestone putty material. Once the limestone putty is set, natural colored pigments can be added in order to give limestone some color and limewash has bonding agents that protect surfaces from organisms growing on them.

Upon application, limewash works by being absorbed into porous surfaces like brick, stone and concrete. This means that instead of a sealed top coat, Limewash becomes part of the surface that’s being applied to, therefore, unlike regular latex paints, it doesn’t create a barrier in between coatings!!

Is limewash better than paint?

We believe that everything has its place, and we strongly believe that porous surfaces like stone, brick and concrete need to breath according to the temperature changes during all 4 seasons. Also, surfaces like brick, stone and concrete hold moisture, so if your surfaces are painted with a latex paint, chipping and peeling will occur as trapped moisture will try to break its way out of the sealed barrier created by the latex paint. This is why we believe that limewash is superior product in bare porous surfaces that have not been previously painted.

Pros and cons of limewash?

What’s the limewash process like?

Limewash is a customizable finish depending on the coverage and consistency that you are looking to achieve for your project. Limewash comes as a thick putty like substance that has to be diluted to a certain point before application, but it can also be further diluted in order to accommodate to the look that you are trying to achieve, so having a good idea of what look you prefer is very important for the painting professional that will be helping you with your project!

Exterior brick with even limewash finish
Even Limewash coverage

If the consistency and coverage is straight forward, then following the dilution instructions according to the manufacturer’s direction and applying it evenly is a very simple process.

Exterior brick with design Limewash coverage
Design limewash coverage

If the consistency and coverage have a specific design and with dilution that go further than the standard dilution, trial samples are a must in order to see how different designs look in your surfaces!

Finally, when you have the consistency and coverage that you are looking to achieve, limewash can be applied by brushing, spraying, or rolling. Again, the consistency and coverage dictate a lot of how the actual application will go, but many times brushing alone is the only way to apply the product to achieve a desired look, or a mix of spraying and brushing may need to be applied in order to achieve the right look for you!

Where can I use limewash?

Limewash can be used both for exterior and interior projects! Limewash is made for application into porous surfaces like brick, stone, and concrete. This means that both your interior and exterior brick, stone, and concrete that have not been painted with any type of latex paint can be limewashed!

How is limewash maintained?

limewash calcifies to your surface in order to protect it from the elements, and the product will also age over time. This aging is called Patina, and limewash is meant to have a distressed look it, so as limewash ages due to the elements, it will just add to the overall patina look. If you love the distressed look of the finish product, you will enjoy your limewash project even more as time goes on! On the other hand, if you want to retain the original opaque coverage, limewash can be reapplied within five to seven years, but we do not recommend doing any powerwashing or cleaning, reapplication is recommended when the product start to look dated.

What products are available for my limewashing project?

Romabio is our go to product when it comes to Limewashing. Romabio’s Classico Limewash can be found in Home Depot and it’s also a product that we have many hours of experience with, so it’s the product we feel most comfortable using!

The best things about a product like Romabio, applied limewash can be removed within the first 5 days after the initial application! This is important to us because we include a day of sample application on all our limewash projects. On this day, we leave you with the samples of the colors that you have chosen, along with the design and coverage that you have in mind. By doing this, we can bring your vision to life and see if the finish product will meet your expectations!

Romabio Limewash-Brochure
Download PDF • 4.57MB

What colors can I choose from with Romabio?

Romabio Classico offers a variety of whites, beiges and grays for you to choose from for your project! Romabio also offer helpful information that may help you in choosing the right color for your project.

Overall, limewash offers a more environmental friendly and unique option for you to get rid of that ugly brick, stone, or concrete around your house! The information provided in this blog has been gathered from Romabio, our experience with their products, and we hope that this information is helpful whether you decide to tackle a limewash project yourself or if you need a professional with proven process and procedures like Priority Painting Services to help you with your project!

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