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Making it easy for you

Paint now and pay later!

We offer financing through Hearth to allow you to paint now, and relieve the stress the one large payment of your project!  

Hearth makes it easy for you to find monthly payment options for your project, with:

  • Loan amount up tp $100,000

  • Affordable monthly payment options

  • Funding within 1-5 days

  • No repayment penalties

  • No home equity required

  • Prequalify without affecting your credit score!!

How does it work?

Prequalify for a loan and check your rates within 2 minutes from over a dozen of lenders.

Pick the plan that works best for you.  You can pick from the best rates, time, and interest rates.

After picking the right payment plan for your, verify your information.

Get funded for your project within 1-5 business days!!

We start your project!

Have we been in your neighborhood?

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Do you have pictures of your project?

Send us pictures and more information to get an estimate for your project today!