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Breathable and low maintenance

What Our Customers Say!

Trapped Moisture can cause serious damage

Mineral based masonry paints allow you to paint your home without having that plastic look and feel to it but more importantly.... Its breathable!!

Being absorbed into your brick and making it part of your brick, it allows for masonry paint to harden over time that makes it highly durable, long lasting that won't peel or flake off, naturally mold-resistant with a beautiful flat look!

Why we're right for you!

Proven Results

Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for over 15 years, we strive to bring value to you with an amazing experience.  Our reviews show it! No surprises when working with us!

Customer Service Driven

We're passionate about being the best painting company in Indiana, and our warranty reflects this.  We're confident that our applications are high quality and will deliver for your needs.  If something happens, we've got you covered!


You're aware of when to expect us, how to prepare for our arrival, and updated on the progress of your project.  No surprises or disorganization.

White Glove Service

From start to finish.... We're here to make the best decisions for your project.  From choosing the best products, colors for your project!  We're with you throughout the whole process!


Employee based work!  Our trusted crews are people we know and are part of our team.  No big franchise model here!

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