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Charming old world feel with a freshly painted look

Unique & classic finish without compromising your brick!

Don't get stuck with the ugly red brick around your house, or paint your brick that ends up looking like plastic!

Limewashing not only preserves your home by not trapping in air like petroleum based paints, but it also creates a unique patina look that will make your neighbors turn their heads and you will have a finish that will be hard to replicate!

What Our Customers Say!

What's our process


Limewash is a very custom project and no two projects are alike!  Helping you choose the best colors, what products to use, and setting expectations is an important first step before starting your project.


Powerashing is not necessary for limewashing, but we do soft cleaning of your brick in order to get rid or algea, or moss before limewashing.

Trial Day

Right after powerwashing, we'll start working on setting up some samples with the designs that you have in mind and the colors that you planning to use on your project.


Limewashing can be done many different ways, the way we'll deliver for you will be established on the trial and by the time we're limewashing your house, we know how we're going to tackle your project.  No surpises!


Before we head out the door, we'll make sure to do a final walkthrough around your house to make sure we pick-up after ourselves.

Final Walkthrough

Your project is not considered finished until you have done a walkthrough and approved our work!

Why we're right for you!

Proven Results

Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for over 15 years, we strive to bring value to you with an amazing experience.  Our reviews show it! No surprises when working with us!

Customer Service Driven

We're passionate about being the best painting company in Indiana, and our warranty reflects this.  We're confident that our applications are high quality and will deliver for your needs.  If something happens, we've got you covered!


You're aware of when to expect us, how to prepare for our arrival, and updated on the progress of your project.  No surprises or disorganization.

White Glove Service

From start to finish.... We're here to make the best decisions for your project.  From choosing the best products, colors for your project!  We're with you throughout the whole process!


Employee based work!  Our trusted crews are people we know and are part of our team.  No big franchise model here!

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Do you have pictures of your project?

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