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Low-stress painting experience

Can you imagine brightening up that space that's not getting much natural light? or how about adding some color to that space where you wind down for the day?

It's amazing what two coats of paint can do to your mood and our systematic approach to interior painting makes it so that you get the results you've been asking for, with an experience that will exceed your expectations.

What's our process


Once you have decided that we're a good fir for your project, well make sure we go over the scope of work for your project, get to know you and your family's schedule so we can plan accordingly and let you know what to expect while we work on your projec!

Color Cosultation

choose the best product for you project, choosing the right colors for your project is important!  Our color consultant can guide you in picking the right color for you and we'll do samples for you so you're 100% certain of the colors you choose.

Paint Prep

Whether we're doing walls, trim or ceilings...  Adhesion and amazing results are not achieved by the paint all by itself!  Preparation of your project by cleaning and sanding is crucial to getting those magazine finishes for your project!


Walls and ceilings are typically brushed and backrolled and trim is usually sprayed, but all of this depends on the space that we have to work with.  We will make sure to ask for your expectations and plan your project accordingly in advance of our start date!


Before we head out the door, we'll make sure to do a final walkthrough around your house to make sure we pick-up after ourselves.

Final Walkthrough

Your project is not considered finished until you have done a walkthrough and approved our work!

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Why we're right for you!

Proven Results

Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for over 15 years, we strive to bring value to you with an amazing experience.  Our reviews show it! No surprises when working with us!

Customer Service Driven

We're passionate about being the best painting company in Indiana, and our warranty reflects this.  We're confident that our applications are high quality and will deliver for your needs.  If something happens, we've got you covered!


You're aware of when to expect us, how to prepare for our arrival, and updated on the progress of your project.  No surprises or disorganization.

White Glove Service

From start to finish.... We're here to make the best decisions for your project.  From choosing the best products, colors for your project!  We're with you throughout the whole process!


Employee based work!  Our trusted crews are people we know and are part of our team.  No big franchise model here!

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