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 Cabinet Painting Services
Fine Finish Experts

What Our Customer Say!

Turning dark, dull and outdated cabinets into fresh , top quality finished and modern cabinets!

What's the cost?


15-25 Doors

Primer & Finish

Cabinets Doors and Drawers


$3,500 - $4,400


25-35 Doors

Primer & Finish

Cabinets Doors and Drawers


$4,500 - $6,200


35-45 Doors

Primer & Finish

Cabinets Doors and Drawers


$5,800 - $7,600


50 Doors +

Primer & Finish

Cabinets Doors and Drawers


$6,100 - $8,500

*These ranges help you get an idea of how much your project will cost.  Other variables like the make of your cabinets, colors, types of finish coating are taken into account when setting pricing for your project!

Call or text us 317-484-0199

What's our process


We help you with colors, products, and more importantly.. We'll set expectations for your project before we start your project!

Day 1

Half day - We'll pick-up your cabinet doors and drawers to take to our shop! Your kitchen will still be functional for your convenience!

Day 2

Full day  - We start prepping your walls, ceilings, and floors to set up a booth to prime the base of your cabinets.


Full day - Prep the base cabinets for final top coat.  The best part... You get your kitchen back!

Day 4

Half day - we comeback to hang all your beautiful finished doors and drawers after appropriate drying and curing time!

Show off and enjoy

Now you have the kitchen of your dream and it will become your favorite room in your house!

Why we're right for you!

Proven Results

No surprises or less than satisfying results!   You get color and finish samples!  Our mission is to deliver the best finish for your project.

Customer Service Driven

We're passionate about being the best fine finish experts, and our warranty reflects this.  We're confident that our applications are high quality and deliver for you.  If something happens, we've got you covered!


You're aware of when to expect us, how to prepare for our arrival, and updated on the progress of your project.  No surprises or disorganization.

White Glove Service

From start to finish.... We're here to make the best decisions for your project.  From choosing the best products, colors for your project!  We're with you throughout the whole process!


Employee based work!  Our trusted crews are people we know and are part of our team.  No big franchise model or subcontracted based!

Setting expectations and overdelivering!  Our Experience and warranty has you covered!

Professional finishes that feel smooth like butter and perform for your needs!

Others overpromise, fail to deliver and don't comeback to make things right!

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Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 10.50.51 AM.png

Professional finish doesn't feel like sandpaper!

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