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Priority Painting Services is closely monitoring COVID-19 and it's impact in our communities.  The health and safety of all our customer and employees is very important to us.  We have protocols in place in order to limits the spread of COVID-19 in accordance to the U.S. Federal Government, Center for Disease Control (CDC) and our local agencies.  We hope that by taking these precautions we take care of our customer in our community, our clients, our employees and our health care workers.

1. Temperature checks at beginning of shifts

  • Any employee that has a fever is required to stay home, monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and follow the established guidelines set forth by the CDC and local agencies.

2. Mouth coverings for all employees on work sites

  • Masks are required for all of our employees for interior projects.  Masks can be removed during breaks and when drinking water (w/ social distancing)

3. Social distancing between employees and customer.

4. If an employee test positive for COVID-19, government guidelines for coming back to work will be followed and a negative test result for COVID-19 is required.

We encourage all customer to let us know if they have any questions or concerns prior to an appointment or scheduled work.  We are more than happy to answer any questions and accommodate any request in order to make everyone feel comfortable.

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