Cabinet Painting Services
Make your kitchen the center of attention

Looking at your cabinets make you cringe and look somewhere else?

Varnished cabinets are dark, dull and outdated with the years of use showing....  Instead of replacing them, paint them to give your kitchen a modern and inexpensive upgrade!

Don't keep looking at those old cabinets that ruin your mood but start thinking about how you will love your new kitchen with some new painted cabinets!!

Start your project in 3 simple steps

Schedule your estimate

Your can request an estimate by using our contact page and calling or texting us at (317) 484-0199.  In order to make this process as productive as possible, we ask that you submit a description and as many pictures of your project.

Begin planning out your project

Once we have set expectations using the information that you've provided us and we have discussed your project and you're ready to move forward.  We can start planing the details like colors, color schemes, best products for your project, and schedule planning

Enjoy and show off your new look!

Once we are all finished and we have done a walkthrough to make sure you are fully satisfied.... You can show off your creation to friends and family! 

Make everyone talk about your amazing kitchen

Cabinet painting is an amazing upgrade that you deserve.  Let fine finish experts work on your cabinets with proven procedures and processes and not just any painter.


In addition to making your cabinets look like they should be in the front cover of a magazine, safety and quick turn around is more important to make your experience as smooth as possible!

Change from bland to appealing​

Spaces with cabinets like your kitchen are the focal point of our home, it's the rallying point for the family and the beginning of the day for you and your family.  Why not make it a space you enjoy?

You deserve to invite your family and friends to gatherings and holidays without being embarrassed of your old cabinets!

Why us?

Trusted Brand

Over 15 years of serving Indianapolis.


Messages with Schedule updates,  and when to expect us!

Written Proposals

No surprises! Scope of work before starting you project!

Continuous Training

Constantly learning how to communication and deliver a great experience to you.